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11:03 AM

In my experience as a real estate agent, most sellers offer a home warranty with the sale of their home.  The wonderful thing about a home warranty for the seller is that the home is covered from time of enrollment.  This means that the seller doesn’t have to worry about any major repairs that occur from enrollment until the sale of the property.  The buyer can relax when they realize the property will be covered for an entire year. 

Most home warranties cover appliances and major systems, i.e. ac units, heat pumps.  Check out OldRepublic’s website. They have some useful information for real estate professionals and homeowners trying to decide if a home warranty is best for them. 

You can always renew your home warranty after the year is up.  This is not such a bad idea if you move into an older home with older appliances.  If you believe it will be more expensive to repair or replace the appliance, the home warranty is something you should consider.

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