Let Me Sell Your Home

We all do it. We think our home is worth more than everyone else. We want the most bang for our buck because we updated the kitchen; redid the Master Bath; replaced the vinyl siding with hardiplank; and so on. The real value of your home comes down to buyer though. It's a tough pill for many to swallow.

When you sit down with your real estate agent, try very hard to listen to what they recommend. We've spent a good amount of time researching and studying the market for you, so you don't have to. I can't tell you how many times, my clients just hire me to list their home without letting me explain everything that is involved. They just want to hurry up and get it on the market.

Our relationship will be successful when we both listen. It is my job to fulfill your wants, but I can't do it by myself. I need your help.

Here's a different kind of checklist for my sellers:

1) Allow me to do my listing presentation 

2) Listen to my listing presentation

3) Take the steps with me

4) Allow me to bring a professional photographer into your home. They take photos of homes all day long. They know what looks best.

 5) Allow me to market the home in the best way possible.

 6) Allow me to email and invite my colleagues into your home as much as possible

7) Allow me to stage your home- You might love that statue, but it might distract a buyer from noticing the amazing trim on your walls.

8) Allow me to recommend the best price for your home based on the ACTIVE homes in your market. 

These 8 steps will provide for a much smoother experience and you will be able to move on and buy that next home.

Becky McNeer is brokered by Napier REALTORS® ERA® in #Midlothian, VA and is a licensed REALTOR® in #Richmond, VA with the Richmond Association of REALTORS®.

Mileage App

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Have you been keeping track of your mileage to submit to your accountant?  Um, I thought I was.  I have never really understood or sat down to understand why I needed to give my miles to the accountant.  Why can't they just calculate the amount of gas I'm constantly pumping into my car?

I guess that was very selfish and lazy of me.  Now that I'm driving all over Richmond, VA to show homes and keep track of my listings, it is imperative that I keep a detailed record.

I found an awesome app that I wanted to share with you too.  If you are in sales, this is a great way to determine your mileage whether it is business, for charity or personal.  I love it and it's really simple to use.

MileTracker did not pay me to mention their app.  This is my own genuine review.

Becky McNeer is brokered by Napier REALTORS® ERA® in Midlothian, VA and is a licensed REALTOR® in Richmond, VA with the Richmond Association of REALTORS®.

P.S. It's my 10th Miracle Morning and I'm grateful for you!

Day 9 of My Miracle Morning

Waking up early has made a big impact on the things that I get accomplished in the day.  It's pretty cool even on the weekends… I'm not saying I woke up at 4AM this past Saturday, but I woke up earlier than usual and was out the door by 8AM.  I had a listing appointment and then was able to head on mini-vacation with my family.  I didn't have to sacrifice the time with my family and I was able to get some work done!

I have revisited the book and I still can't get over the terrible car accident Hal Elrod endured and the hardship he faced in 2008.  I don't want to go through these extremes to realize that there is a better life… I would like to skip those steps and just move towards my goals.  I get his message, but my struggles had better not be similar.

On this wet, rainy Tuesday morning, I'm going to get some work done and get even closer to the big goal I've set for 2015.
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