Toolman Thursday-Pete Stratton

8:49 PM


Revealing a good contractor is like giving you the secret ingredient to a family recipe, but I promised to continue Toolman Thursday.  Here goes…

We all know what a painful mess it is to remove wallpaper from our walls. How about hiring someone to do that for you for a minimal price?  These guys will come check out the scene of the crime and give you a great and competitive estimate.  They back up their work too.  If they see problem areas, they’re not going to sugar coat the issue.  You will get an honest opinion.

I highly recommend Paperman Pete to do the job.  He works with his family to bring you quality work.

If you’d like them to hang your paper for you, these guys can do it too.  Wallpaper is making its way back to interior design.  Go ahead, give them a call.

602 Tuckahoe Blvd. Richmond, VA 23226
Office: (804) 282-7292 Fax (804) 282-1505
Cell (804)400-5885

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  1. Oh how I wish I had a Paperman Pete!

    Following you back on Linky Followers! :)


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