Types of Molding

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To understand the aesthetic value of molding, you should learn the difference between the types of molding.  When you are ready to upgrade a room, especially the Dining Room or Living Room, learn about these gorgeous elements.  Not only does molding provide elegance but it’s functional too.
Baseboards- You’ll find baseboards in most homes.  This woodwork covers the separation from the wall and the floor.

Casings- This molding surrounds the window.  Casings hide the gap between the drywall and the window.

Crown Molding- This type of trim work is more decorative than functional.  You will find it at the ceiling and the wall.

Chair Rail- Chair Rail molding is another stylish form of trim.  Many carpenters would recommend not over-doing it.  It served as a bumper for chairs ages ago and could be found mostly in the Dining Room.

Wainscoting- This is my favorite type.  It really divides the room and adds dimension.

Base Shoe- You can find this trim between the floor and the wall.  It serves as a "kick plate" and protects from shoes and vaccums.

Panel Molding- You would find this in between the chair rail and the floor or above the chair rail beneath the crown molding.

These are just a handful of types of molding out there.  You can find just about anything to fit the style of your home.  You can do it yourself or hire a licensed contractor.  There are tons of sites out there with simple steps to create the look you desire.
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  1. Following you from vboks. I really enjoyed your blog, esp. since my husband and I are real estate investors. Great tips! It irritates the poop out of me when people paint the molding...it's obvious these people had a hard time 'staying in the lines' when they were children...


  2. Thanks for the tips! We´re looking for a new home here in Murcia & moldings are very much a part of Europe´s apartments and houses (by the way I love them and am more than happy that I´ll get the chance to have a house with them- they´re not very usual in Venezuela ; )!!)
    I´ll send you guys pics of my new home as soon as I decide which one I like best.
    Your friend from VoiceBoks


  3. Great post on decorative and functional moldings! I love the panel molding, but my hubby would never let me have it since he wants "all modern". I want character. . . oh well. He would put some kind of crown molding on top of our cabinets. I'm pretty sure he did that on our kitchen cabinets last time. Don't know if he's planning it this time or not!

    1. Character is great, but so is modern. I don't know what to say Michelle! :)

  4. Love these tips, I love all of the different types of molding they make the home looks so nice.

  5. Well there's an easier way for me to learn about all these, I'm giving you a call when I need to figure out different kinds of molding - keep your google plus thingy majiggy on please haha :)

    Kidding aside, you and my mom would get along, she's an interior designer and so she knows these stuff.

  6. YAY!! I got them all right! ;) Good thing, since I first started working with them over fifteen years. wink, wink Becky, great job on all the descriptions too.

    1. thank you Carla! I really appreciate the positive feedback!

  7. Replies
    1. i don't know which one is my favorite really.


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