Do Your Research Before You Buy

9:18 AM

I'm not going to lie, a buyer who is ready and anxious and falls in love with the first home they see is awesome.  This rarely happens though and can be a huge mistake.  Take the time to get to know neighborhoods, schools, etc. before making the big decision.

Some things to consider before purchasing a home may be:

1) Do you like the neighborhood?
2) Do you like the area?
3) Are there restaurants close by?
4) Do you want to live closer to a grocery store?
5) Can you walk safely out of your door?
6) Do you mind the noise? Do you need more noise?
7) How close is the hospital?
8) What time and where does the school bus stop?
9) Is there access to public transportation?
10) Where is the library?
11) Does your cellphone get good reception?
12) Who are the cable providers?
13) Sewer or septic?
14) Natural gas, propane gas, oil or electric?
15) Sexual predators?
16) YMCA or gyms
17) Schools?
18) How close are you to where you work?

The list can keep going.  Do your research because it's not that easy to get out of a contract and you will probably not get all of your deposit back if you don't have a good reason.

Becky McNeer is brokered by Napier REALTORS® ERA® in Midlothian, VA and is a licensed REALTOR® in Richmond, VA with the Richmond Association of REALTORS®.

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