Day 9 of My Miracle Morning

6:48 AM

Waking up early has made a big impact on the things that I get accomplished in the day.  It's pretty cool even on the weekends… I'm not saying I woke up at 4AM this past Saturday, but I woke up earlier than usual and was out the door by 8AM.  I had a listing appointment and then was able to head on mini-vacation with my family.  I didn't have to sacrifice the time with my family and I was able to get some work done!

I have revisited the book and I still can't get over the terrible car accident Hal Elrod endured and the hardship he faced in 2008.  I don't want to go through these extremes to realize that there is a better life… I would like to skip those steps and just move towards my goals.  I get his message, but my struggles had better not be similar.

On this wet, rainy Tuesday morning, I'm going to get some work done and get even closer to the big goal I've set for 2015.

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  1. That's great you have a goal. I set myself some goals for this year and I'll try to do them.


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