Moving Made Simple with These Five Tips

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When the big day finally arrives, moving from one home to another, whether across town or across the country, it always seems to be stressful. These five tips can help to ease the stress, making moving far easier so that you can enjoy your home as soon as possible:

1. Organization
There is nothing like moving to reveal just how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. Packing can be an overwhelming process, especially if done at the last minute, which in turn makes unpacking just as overwhelming. Systematically begin packing. From guest rooms to books to anything that is not time-sensitive or used daily, packing it in advance will make the move much easier. 

Additionally, be organized about bills, cable, Internet, electricity, and anything else you will need in your new home. With everything in boxes and unsettled, having certain necessities and comforts already set up within the home when you move will make the process easier. Direct your TV and Internet to be set up prior to your move-in date, and make sure the electricity, water, and gas are turned on and in working order.

2. Purge
During the packing process, be sure to get rid of items you have not used in months or years, items you have forgotten about, or items you have multiples of. If the year permits, hold a yard sale to make some extra cash on the items, or take the time to donate gently used clothing. For large furniture pieces, try selling them on craigslist.

When it comes to emptying out old files, be sure to recycle any papers or magazines, and shred any documents with personal information like old bank statements or credit card bills.

3. Hire Movers
Even if you are certain you can do it yourself or with the help of family and friends, hiring movers to at least move the big items like heavy furniture and large boxes will be worth its weight in gold.

Movers are seasoned professionals who can know how to efficiently, safely, and securely move items like the refrigerator, pianos, couches, etc. They are especially useful when furniture will not fit through stairways or doors, for they have the equipment and means to manipulate the pieces into the home.

4. Have an Emergency Kit
No matter how prepared and organized you are there always seems to be some unforeseen problem that arises on moving day. The movers don’t show up, a car breaks down, essential boxes get lost—the list is endless. Even if moving across town, be sure to pack the essentials in bags or boxes you are in control over. In the event something happens, you have your important documents, clothing, toiletries, and anything else you need in an accessible location.

5. Sitter
Whether for pets, children, or both, look into a sitter for the day. Instead of introducing them to the new place in the midst of chaos, introduce them at the day’s end when things are slightly more settled than the crazy moving process.

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