Check List To Sell

9:23 AM

Before you even think about selling your home, you should familiarize yourself with every detail of your home.  Make sure you are aware of anything that could keep you from selling.  Here are some specifics to consider:

ü  Inspect Exterior- note any rotted wood, damaged shingles, damaged siding, damaged brick, cracked sidewalk, driveway, landscaping, fence, mailbox, lamp post, shed

ü  Examine garage- garage door, garage door openers, man door, windows, concrete, appliances, cleanliness

ü  Crawl space- moisture, insulation, pests

ü  Attic- moisture, insulation, pests, organization of personal items, cleanliness

ü  Inspect Interior- fireplace, chimney, windows, paint, fixtures, flooring, vents, outlets

ü  Service your HVAC- have a licensed technician service your HVAC, so that it is in proper working condition

ü  Replace any missing parts for kitchen appliances and washer/dryer

ü  Make sure appliances are in proper working condition

ü  Clean

ü  Purge or relocate bulky items- remove anything that would distract a buyer

There's likely to be more items specific to your home, which you can add to this list.  Start here and you won't be surprised during the property inspection.

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