Whole House Generators Save Your Snow Days

2:57 PM

As I sit here on a November day in 39° F weather, I'm reminded of the unpredictable winters we have in Richmond, Virginia.  I believe it's going to be back in the 60's by the end of the week.

At my old house this crazy weather put a huge damper on our happiness.  We were not at ease because our power went out all of the time.  We should have considered installing a whole-house generator by these guys.
Every time I show a home with one of these reliable systems, I can see how relaxed the clients become.  Having a generator is a huge relief because you know you'll be ok. 

When the power goes out and your home is the only one without power, the sound of buzzing generators fills the air.  You're reminded that you need one of those next year.

The cool thing about these lifesavers is that you can find one that is affordable too.  No more freezing nights because you ran out of firewood.  You can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning without having to dig yourself out of snow to get to the closest convenience store.  Your kids can eat some warm oatmeal in the kitchen while you catch up on the news on your television.

We learned our lesson from that old house. Packing up the car for a week just to spend that time at the grandparents' house 10 minutes away got very old that fifth trip.  Hearing about how fun the snow-covered hill at our neighbor's house made us sad.  The kids wouldn't have memories of the snow while living under our roof.  Instead we were stuffed into one room all five of us including the dog when we could have been in our own beds, sleeping under our own roof, drinking coffee out of our own mugs and eating oatmeal heated by our own microwave.

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