Coolest Things You Can Find at a Yard Sale

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Yard sales are win-win events for everyone: whether you're the person holding the sale looking to make a bit of money, the passer-by who happens upon a great purchase or simply someone who likes to browse and shop for unusual items.

From the buyers' perspective, you never really know what you're going to get. It's not like going to a sports footwear shop to buy a pair of running shoes; with yard sales, you can happen upon just about anything. And, of course, you'll usually find some great bargains because most everything will be old and second-hand.

When talking about what you might find at a 
yard sale, it's hard to get into specifics. It really depends on what the person is selling. Nevertheless, let's look at some of the interesting things you're likely to find at a yard sale.

The more you go to, the more likely you'll find something of real interest.


Frankly, you're always going to find books at a yard sale. When searching through the piles of books people are selling, you might well come across a real gem. An old favorite from your childhood, a classic novel for just a buck, or even old comics and magazines that bring back memories. Buying and reselling books is huge, so this is another great reason to browse the book piles when you next stumble across a sale. If you are reselling, be sure to look out for stains, water damage and other issues that might compromise its worth.


If you can find electronics that are under a year old, they'll still have all the features that you'll need, but will come much, much cheaper than buying them new. Not everyone likes to use eBay to sell high-end electronics, largely because of the hassle of arranging delivery/pick-up. With a yard sale, you might find a big TV, stereo system or games console going cheap, and often people don't mind losing a bit of money if they can have their old electronics taken away there and then. When shopping, however, be sure to test any electronic item out to make sure it works first. Remember, you won't get a guarantee or warranty from the seller!


Take a trip to a ya
rd sale in a well-to-do neighborhood and you might find some hidden gems on the clothing rack. Brand-name clothes are easy enough to find, especially for women, as styles change so quickly with the seasons. Also, if you need specialist work clothes, you might get lucky. Nurses, for example, will often sell their Dickies scrubs to other nurses or those looking for fancy dress outfits. If you are shopping for clothes, steer clear of those that smell of smoke, and those with stains and tears.


Yard sales are great to shop for kids' clothing, kids' games and kids' toys. Kids grow so quickly, physically and mentally, that their old clothes and toys will soon be thrown to the wayside. This is great for parents who are expecting a new youngster, or those looking for gifts to give to others.

Sports/Exercise Equipment

People buy sports and exercise equipment with good intentions, only to see those intentions slide away. Consequently, they sell the equipment, but they often prefer to sell locally rather than face the expensive shipping charges associated with larger items. Some exercise equipment, weights for example, are very heavy, so selling locally is generally the best option, even if it means taking less. This gives you a great opportunity to find some bargains. Just make sure you use what you buy, otherwise it'll be you selling them on at your own yard sale before too long.


Finding a local yard sale can either come by chance or be a planned event. Serious resellers will scour local sales diligently, picking up some great bargains to sell for a profit. If you're simply looking for a great item for yourself, however, you'll be sure to see some of the above when you next stumble across a local sale. 

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