SOLD! Now Start Packing!

8:48 AM

Congratulations, you've reached an agreement with a buyer.  The contract has been signed; the home inspection is complete; all addendums are accepted. 

The next item on your to-do list is to start packing!  Most of us think the negotiation period is frustrating, but getting your home in order to move can be a daunting task.  Don't worry; there are a few simple tricks that can speed up the process.

1) Look at this period as a time to purge.  If you have lived in your home for over 5 years, chances are you have collected lots of stuff.  A good rule of thumb is to trash anything that hasn't seen the light of day in over three years.  If you didn't know you had it, you should get rid of it.  This includes old cds, DVDs,video games and kids toys.  Go ahead and make a little money off of those hidden treasures while you are at it.

2) Start collecting boxes from friends and families.  Most moving companies sell boxes, but wouldn't it be nice to be "green" during this time of transformation?  You most likely have 30 days or more until Moving Day.  Ask those people around you to set aside boxes for you.  You might even know someone who has made a recent move too.  Make sure they save their boxes too.

3) Keep track of items and start categorizing each room.  Color-coding is my favorite way to organize the move.  When you start packing up a room, make sure the boxes for that room have the same colored label.  You can find these types of label systems at your home improvement stores, but coming up with your own is best.

4) Start packing up items that you won't use in the last 15 days.  Removing pictures and artwork from the walls can motivate you to do more.  Use linens and pillows are padding for fragile items.

The sooner you start packing, the less stress you will experience in the last days before Moving Day.  This will allow for time to reflect on the past and make way for the future in your new home!

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