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Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was down for a couple of hours this week and it was very frustrating for most real estate agents.  We resorted to using other online sources to rely on real estate information.  I will continue to explain why that was a horrible decision and that it proved that MLS is the ultimate resource when searching for real estate online.  I will also explain why it is imperative to use a REALTOR® when researching any real estate for yourself or your friends and family.

While MLS was down, I got a little impatient.  Enough so that I visited my Google search engine to check the status of a listing online.  The search engine led me to Trulia and Zillow where both real estate websites showed me that the listing in question was still available.

After visiting the property I then discovered that the property was under contract and was no longer available.  Trulia and Zillow still show the property as ACTIVE.

Now that MLS is up and running (and had been since I left my desk to visited said property), I could plainly see that this listing was under contract.  If I had allowed myself some more time, I would have had this reliable information and not have wasted myself a time or gas.

The point of my post is that while Zillow and Trulia are very popular websites and seem to provide loads of real estate information, they are false.  There have been many times when I've been sent information from one of these sources for a listing that I sold months in advance.  Their numbers are unclear and misleading and I will never recommend depending on their information over our accurate RE Stats from MLS.

In order to get the best information about your current market, you need access to the MLS.  REALTORS® are the only professionals who have direct access to this system.  When you are ready to purchase or sell a home, make sure you contact your local real estate agent.

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