Use Google Hangout for Long Distance Client Meetings

9:26 PM

Have you ever represented a client who lives out of state?  Sure.  We all have.  What better way to communicate with them than with Google Hangout?  There are plenty of situations when you will want to see your client's face rather than just hear their voice.  Another great thing about Google Hangout is that you can share whatever is on your screen and vice versa.

Google Hangout is a feature available on Google Plus that allows you to video conference with other Google Plus users.  It's very easy to set up and very user-friendly when it works.

Create a Google Profile by visiting

When you create a Google profile, you will automatically create a Google Plus profile for yourself.  When you are logged onto Google, click on the drop down bar on the top right corner by your username.

Click on "Join Google+" and then select "Start a Hangout" on the top right of the screen.

When you enter your Hangout, go ahead and invite your client by their email address to your hangout.  Give them a call to let them know you sent them the invitation and continue from there.

This is a great way to point out specifics in a listing that your client could have missed in their own view.  The possibilities are endless!

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