Don't Worry About the Kids' Rooms

9:37 PM

Often times when I work with expectant parents or new families, they'll have an issue with bedroom size for the kids. When a child is young, the size of the room will not matter to them.  I know this because I am a parent. 

Your children will be spending most of their time in your bedroom or other rooms of the home.  For instance, as a first time-parent, your baby will not be sleeping in their nursery for at least 6 weeks.  You'll most likely find them sleeping in a pack n' play by your bedside or a bassinet. 

Don't fret about their bedroom.  Most children don't move to a "big kid" bed until they are 3 years old.  In my opinion this gives you the opportunity to be more creative with the children's rooms.  If you have twins, you can purchase bunk beds.   What kid doesn't love a bunk bed anyway?  There are lots of different options available these days.

Another wonderful thing about the smaller room is that there's less to decorate!  Chances are the design in their room will change more frequently than the parent's room.  Kids go through phases and want change.  Don't forget that they'll probably try decorating on their own too, i.e. markers on the wall.

Stressing over the size of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th bedroom should not be part of your home search experience.  Leave that up to your kids when they grow up and buy their own dream home.

Now get out and buy a home!

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