Top 8 Real Estate Agent Facebook Must-do's

9:34 PM

Does your real estate agent use social media at all?  Did you ask your REALTOR® to include your home information on all of the social networks?  Do they stick to their word?

Can you believe there are millions of agents out there who are not familiar with how Facebook works?  Facebook has been around since 2004 and the public has been able to share just about anything on the platform. 

If your REALTOR® hasn't started using Facebook as a primary marketing tool, you might want to think twice about them.  Facebook is viewed by over half of the world by now.  There are plenty of opportunities for your real estate agent to learn the capacity of Facebook whether by their own broker or via local real estate associations.  If they are still unsure how to use the site, direct them to and their associates will teach them how to properly use the site and effectively market.

What You Should Expect from your Realtor® on Facebook:

1) They maintain a Facebook Page
2) Daily or at least twice a week promotions related to your listing on their page
3) Daily posts on their page
4) Multiple "Likes" by new fans
5) Sharing back and forth with other Facebook users
6) Regular engagement on their page
7) Activity on other real estate pages
8) Added your listing info to Oodle Marketplace if not already done via their broker.

Your listing deserves the best exposure and starting with somewhere as simple as Facebook should be on your agent's priority list.

Good luck!

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