Don't Be A Greaser

8:46 PM

We're all guilty of letting a little grease spill into the sink.  I have definitely not wiped down a pan before rinsing it off in the sink.  You do know that you are not supposed to pour grease into a sink ever? Right?  No, you absolutely should never pour grease down a drain unless you are prepared to replace that drain or pay someone to fix it.

I think we all assume that everyone knows this rule of thumb because it's a fact that you will ruin your pipes.  The grease hardens and catches any piece of food or material that follows it. Eventually there will not be a clear drain connected to your sink and you are in big trouble.  If you have a septic tank, you could be in some serious trouble. 

Wondering what you should do with the grease, keep reading.  Remember those empty jars of pickles or preserves you threw away last week?  You should have rinsed them out and kept them for a rainy day.  Next time remember to save your empty plastic or glass containers and lids for times like these.  You can pour the grease or oil into one of these bad boys and let it cool.  Knock out the solid into the trash can the next day!  Save the empty container to repeat!

This plumbing situation caused an issue during a home inspection.  The owner had to pay a plumber to "snake" the grease out of the pipes.  Good thing the plumber got there in time.  Imagine what more build up could have caused?

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  1. We collect all our grease and can deposit it at our local grosery (thanks to the Belgian recycling system!) and guess they do good stuff with it. Should be done all over the globe!

  2. Every time I see how hard beef fat becomes when it is cooled, I am reminded to avoid pouring it into my own body's "pipes" (arteries)

  3. Seems sensible to me.

    There is a major problem in the sewers in UK because of cooking oil/fat. Most of it is from fast food restaurants though.

  4. Just what other problem coud you find to write about....

  5. This is the reason I rarely fry foods anymore. :)

  6. Luckily I don't cook with grease or oil for that matter very often! (Gallbladder does not like grease!) This is very good advice!

  7. I pour my grease into a can and let it cool and then into the trash :)

  8. We keep large applesauce jars under the kitchen sink for grease.

  9. ewww great tip I don't do it my drains are terrible anyway.


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