Video Release for Agee

10:25 AM

I knew making the change to Napier Realtors ERA® was the right choice for me because they offer so many technological advantages over other brokers in Richmond, Virginia.

Look at the virtual tour capabilities I have now that I'm working here:

I had been creating my own videos using a simple program on my computer.  Now I am able to submit to our virtual tour service and they create a tour for me!  It's fantastic.

This video is an example of what they can do with my information.  For full residential listings, the tour will be much more complex.  The video above is for a lot.  There's not much you can include as far as pictures for a piece of land.  It does show that there are incredible amenities in Charter Colony, such as the Charter Club, playground, tennis courts and much more.

You can find out more about this lot here.  Read about the benefits of this particular spot here.

If you are interested in finding out how I can create an attractive video for you, contact me.

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