Benefits of Living Near a Highway

There are plenty of folks out there who are strongly opposed to living near a highway.  Their arguments include the noise factor and heavy traffic.  I like to look at the issue at the opposite side of the spectrum.  You should think about the benefits of living near a highway.

#1. You are closer to your destinations- You will be able to cut the time it takes to get places by living next to a highway.

#2. Traffic sounds more like "white" noise than automobiles.  Speak to neighbors who live near the highway and they'll tell you the sound is quite soothing.  In the city you'd hear the constant sounds of emergency vehicles. 

#3. Landscaping used as sound buffers adds curb appeal to your home.

#4. You have a reason to install that water fountain you've always wanted.

#5. Your family and friends will know exactly how to get to your house.

#6. The barking dog in the neighborhood isn't an issue and neither is the teenager who throws wild parties every weekend.

#7. You can't hear a peep when you are inside.

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