Some Preschools and Moms Free Morning Spots in RVA

9:38 PM

As a new mother, I had no idea where to send my children to “school” when I was ready to get back into real estate.  A great place to start asking is other moms.  Moms talk to each other about the best places in town.
Here in RVA there are plenty of great spots to send your kids.  I thought I’d list those that I’ve heard about. 

Some of these schools enroll children as young as 6 weeks old and most of them offer a Pre-K program.

Montessori- Tuckahoe, Central, Richmond

Disclaimer: I am no expert.  This list is in no particular order.  Please contact the school and take a tour.  You can meet the director and get a good feel about the place you’ll be sending your child.

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