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Every two years, the Richmond Association of Realtors® hosts the RealtorFest, an all day seminar/trade show for real estate professionals and any vendor involved in the real estate world.  It’s an amazing day filled with lots of great education, networking opportunities and marketing galore!  This year’s was the second one I attended because this will be my 4th year in the biz.

My favorite part about this fantastic day was the first educational seminar I attended.  Jim Tucker, a commercial broker, gave us some insight into cloud computing.  His speech was full of tips for professionals who are looking to take advantage of the “free” business model available to us through the “cloud”.

In this list of helpful tips, he introduced us to a new Richmond company named SEElogix.  This company’s concept is awesome: “A logical solution for managing your home in the cloud.”  Pretty cool, right?  Homeowners are able to keep track of everything they do to their home.  For example, your SEElogix account will remind you when you need to have your chimney or gutters cleaned.  It also keeps everything from the day you moved, such as closing documents, stored in the cloud.  You can throw out your bulky filing system in the attic and keep everything stored in your account on-line.  Awesome. 

Jim Tucker’s speech made quite an impact on me because I am a strong supporter of taking your business on-line.  His words were perfect and his recommendations to go completely virtual make sense.  SEElogix is taking the step in the right direction too.

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