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We've all seen them... houses that have been on the market for over a year.  There are plenty of reasons why no one has bought these homes: price, location, curb appeal, lack of updates and so on.  Don't be so quick to judge.

Here's one in NYC:

Check out what this place looks like inside.  It's beautiful.  According to the article, "City's Saddest Penthouse Approaches Fourth Year on Market," the apartment has been listed by 5 different brokers.  Apparently the apartment stands out like a sore thumb in its neighborhood.  Read more here.

In my experience when a home has been on the market for over a year, it could have more to do with the economic climate.  Don't be discouraged when you see that a home you are interested and it has been sitting for a while.  It's not always a bad thing (yes, to the seller it's not so great.)

When you spot something that catches your attention, there's a reason you like it.  Make sure you do your homework.  I strongly encourage you to hire a REALTOR® who will know exactly what to find out for you.  You might discover that this home has EVERYTHING you have been looking for.

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  1. The house we live in now had been on the market for over a year. It was definitely because of the market because it is an awesome house. We fell in love with it and bought it right away. We don't regret it at all.

  2. Our home was on the market for a long time also. Our seller was giving it one more month before he was turning it into a rental. We love our home and are so glad we were able to scoop it up before it slipped through our fingers!

  3. What a gorgeous place. It is definitely the economy--you have to have a job to buy a house;) Sometimes it's really hard to get through on that, especially with sellers.

  4. It's so gorgeous I think people are afraid to live in it. No really I think it's the economy too.
    People aren't just reaching in there pockets to dump tons of money on a house like they may have
    done several years ago. I think people are becoming a little bit more aware of their major purchases
    and making more frugal choices. I'm sure I would fall to the floor to see the price tag on this home,
    but I'm sure that it would be worth every penny. It looks like a very enjoyable place to lay your head.


  5. We were fortunate to sell our home in 2 months. But our realtor made all the difference. It was the only way to sell and buy. This house looks beautiful, but I'm more of a cottage and privacy person. I hope someone who likes this style will come along soon.

  6. It's gorgeous, no doubt about it, and I think you're right about the length of time a home is vacant not being indicative of some sort of problem. The market simply isn't what it used to be.


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