Time for a Deck

9:14 PM

When we moved into our home, we knew that the deck would be an issue. After a thorough home inspection, we were told that the deck was not properly attached to our home and needed to be replaced.

"There's nothing wrong with this deck!"

We have been in this house for quite some time and the deck has yet to be taken down. The time has come.

Now that we have accepted that we need to tear down and build a new deck, we have a some decisions to make:

1) Who will tear down the existing one?
2) What type of lumber will we use?
3) What do we want it to look like?
4) Who will we hire?

The easy and economical solution to (1) would be to tear it down ourselves. We can barely knock out enough time to cut the grass let alone break down a deck. If you were looking for the cheapest way to tackle this chore, you would do it yourself. Any contractor will charge you per hour to take down the deck and they have to remove the debris as well. Don’t forget the dump charge.
"Are you listening to me?"

(2) There are so many options for lumber these days. In my experience, treated pine is a great choice, but times have changed. What about composite? And PVC? And let’s not forget railings? You can really make a deck out of anything!

(3) If you are indecisive and cannot settle on a design, you can hire someone to draw it for you. Most landscape designers will include decks in their drawings as well as the yard. All you have to do it ask to incorporate the deck in the design and they will do it for you.

(4) After you have a landscape architect draw something for you, ask them who they would recommend to build the deck for you. If they don’t know, ask your friends… or your local homebuilder. There are plenty of contractors out there who are looking for an opportunity like this one. Make sure they have your design (and your price) in mind and you are set.

Appointment are set for tomorrow.  We were told that building a deck in the fall is the best time!

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