Mt. McNeer Phase II

8:35 PM

Well, you can make a mountain out of a molehill in our case.  It’s going to be more complicated to fix our kitchen floor.  Turns out the water hung out longer than expected underneath the hardwood. 

When our AWESOME flooring guy stopped by to tackle the mountain range under our refrigerator, he discovered a small river puddle below the floor.  The water wasn’t on the surface, which meant our fridge wasn’t still broken, thank heavens!

We were also lucky to find a box of leftover wood in the attic from the previous homeowner.   However, the flooring guy picked through the box and realized that we weren’t going to have enough to replace what he had removed.  NATURALLY.
That's our AWESOME flooring guy!! From COSTEN Floors!

I contacted the company who carries this particular hardwood and our brand had been discontinued.  (You see how this hill is a mountain, now?)  “I can do you a favor though and contact another store, but you’ll have to pay the shipping charge.”

Thanks, buddy! I appreciate the courtesy!

The new box of materials has not arrived yet.  We were told it would be here today, but when I called the company JUST TO BE SURE...  "it hadn’t left the store yet."

Looks like we’ll be out of sorts for a few more days.  We’re not entirely upset though because we know our flooring guys are the best.  They are courteous and great to work with.  They do a really good job, so the end result will be worth it.
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  1. Oh good, your fridge still works :)
    That's a lot of work for the floor guys. Your patience will pay off for sure :)

  2. Oh my! Not fun. You sound so much more relaxed about then I think I would be. It would be driving me nuts having the job partway finished and waiting. Although I guess it doesn't do any good fretting about it either it won't get the flooring to you any faster. Looking forward to hearing your floor is done Becky!

  3. It worked finally!
    Work needed on the kitchen is always the most difficult isn't it! I am sure it will look fab once it's all completed. Good luck!

  4. And there goes the buckled floor...good luck, and know it'll all be over soon!

  5. Oh no! Unexpected house repairs (especially the expensive ones) are the worse! Good luck!

  6. Glad to hear it's moving along at least! And that the refrigerator isn't leaking any more! Fingers crossed that it will be over soon.

  7. Home repairs ugh never my favorite too much work LOL


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