Floors Are Finished!

8:48 PM

Things are back to normal in the kitchen again.  Mt. McNeer was torn out with much force and now lays flatland.  It’s beautiful.  Dan at Costen Floors did an excellent job.  He showed up at our door at 7:30AM eager to finish.  Dan is so awesome that he worked overtime just to complete it and make it right.  He ended up tearing up more floor because the existing boards warped even more over the time he was gone. 
Look at his work:

He was so thorough.  Before he left, he wanted to make sure I wiped down the floor just in case he missed anything.  The mop was clean!! He didn’t leave a drop of dirt behind.  I hope others appreciate this guy as much as he deserves.  I felt like hugging him!!

Now, keep your fingers crossed that our refrigerator doesn’t leak again!

What it looked like when we were waiting for the flooring to arrive!

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  1. Finally everything's back to normal. Floor sweet floor :)

  2. Looks like Don did a good job. I'm having my basement redone and really hoping for a good job with the floors

  3. Oh geez that before picture brought back nightmares in our kitchen. It took my husband hours and hours to rip out a 5x5 area because they had put it down with some kind of epoxy! Of course, I am saying it was a nightmare only because I had to walk by him doing it for hours, not because I was down there scraping. your new floors look just lovely. Nothing like it and how nice that he was so tidy. Keep him!

  4. I love hardwood floors. We've moved 3 times and every time we rip out the carpet and install wood floors. But, I know how hard it is waiting, my husband is the one who installs ours and between his job and our remodeling its chaos for a long time.(:

    1. Yes, the chaos lasted a little longer than expected due to the company who we ordered the flooring from.

  5. Sure it was indeed an excellent job. So neat and smooth!

  6. Hurray for finished floors! ! He did do a great job. :)


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