Top Berry Farms Near RVA

9:14 PM

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  1. We have a cute farm here that has seasonal things - strawberries, pumpkin patch, hay rides, Christmas tree lights. It is pretty cool to have something like that available.

  2. oh Becky... this is definitely one of the things I miss about living in the Northwest... Here in Texas.. El Paso... we have Pecan farms and that's about it.. oh and chili farms near by... I so miss the berries etc. Thank you for bringing back the memories :)

  3. I always love going to the seasonal events in our corner of the world too! They are so much fun and provide so many memories. Thanks for sharing what is in your area!

  4. I love going berry picking. I've only been strawberry picking so far, but would love to go blueberry picking. Don't know if there's any time left this year! I love the ones who do the pumpkin patches and hayrides, too!

    1. I think there is still time!! A few weeks left here!


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