How To Maintain Flower Beds

9:23 PM

Flower beds can be very difficult to maintain when you have little opportunity to keep up with them during the week.

Every season, something new pops up and so do the weeds.

So what do you do when you have limited time to take care of your flowers and shrubs?

1) Weed. When you get home from work; park the car; walk to the mailbox and pull some weeds. Repeat on your way back to the house. Pull weeds when dinner is in the oven.  There are many moments you can take advantage of.

2) Buy weed killer. During your lunch break, stop by The Home Depot and purchase one of the many different options available.

3) Plant ground cover. This stuff is incredible all year round. I love it!

4) Cover bare spots and tidy up with mulch. There are even some amazing new products that have weed preventer in them. Eliminate weeding with this stuff.

5) Trench your beds. It will make a huge difference.

6) Don’t have time to trench? Buy some attractive stones and add borders to your beds.

When you stick to a routine, the outcome will be gorgeous. Make sure you aren’t overwhelmed and you can maintain your yard. When you’ve conquered the problem, you will be so pleased.

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  1. Can I just hire a gardener? Haha :)I don't have a green thumb at all so... I think I'm going to continue to rely on someone else to care for the plants.

  2. That's definitely an option, Anne.


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