It's Ok to... Prune Your Azalea bushes!

9:30 PM

We were blessed when we moved to our new home by all of the gorgeous plants in the yard.  The previous homeowners definitely had green thumbs and took landscaping very seriously.

We have tons of beautiful azaleas all over the place.  They are pink, white, red and purple.

By the time we moved into the home, it was too late to cut our azaleas.

The best time to cut them is after they have bloomed and before they begin to bud again.

You can imagine how huge they were.  I bet our neighbors were a little annoyed by the obnoxious size of them. Oops.

Do you have questions about your azaleas? Here are some great sites to find out how to treat them:


All of the plants in your yard need tender-loving care.  Be careful too.  Many neighborhoods have restrictive covenants that require you to maintain your yard.  Don't let mother nature take over.  Take control.

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