One Smart Window

9:28 PM

I love our new home, but there are definitely features of my old home that I miss. I wish I could have taken our windows with us. We had every single window replaced at our old house. Our replacement windows were Energy Star efficient and the grilles were in between the glass. I didn’t have to worry about cleaning those grilles! Our utility bills were also less. I remember pulling in our driveway and marveling at the site of these double hung windows. I knew we did something right and all of the money spent towards this investment was a smart idea.

The windows were a great selling point and we would eventually make our money back.
In our new house, all of the grilles are outside of the glass. I have lots of cleaning to do until we decide to invite those nice window contractors over here!

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  1. I know what you mean. We did windows on the front on the house. Now we have the back to do and its driving me nuts.

  2. The windows with the grills on the inside is my dream, which I know one day I will have! I hate cleaning between the grills! I remember the first thing my parents did when they bought our new house in 1975 was get Anderson windows, they spoke of how it was such a great investment. Funny how after all these years I still remember that! Sending good thoughts that the window fairies will soon get to come to your new home!! xo

  3. Oh with grills! Not fun at all, but oh so charming:)

  4. Window cleaning, bleh! But nothing is more beautiful, in my opinion, than a home filled with windows and the sun shining through them. We have windows that are somewhat complicated to work, but can be cleaned inside and out, from inside the home. I'm not sure what they're called, but it's pretty cool. We don't own this home so I wasn't involved in the choosing of the windows, but when we purchase our next home I think I'll go for something similar.

  5. I wish I have windows like that! They always look great and the maintenance is very low. At least you had it for a while. LOL!!!


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