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8:48 PM


This weather is unbelievable!  It "thunder-stormed" yesterday and was pretty chilly today.  The rest of the week will be in the 50s! I was going to take my oldest skiing this year winter.  Looks like she'll have to learn next year.  I'm not complaining though.  We can start working on the yard earlier!  It's going to need it.  The deer have eaten just about everything in sight!

After browsing the internet, I hope to use one of these easy solutions to remedy this problem...

How to solve the deer problem:

1) Wrap soap in cheesecloth and hang on outdoor plants.  My mom has placed these little soap trinkets all over her yard.  She swears by them.

2) Spray with deer repellent (DO NOT use Liquid Fence because it tastes good to them- I hear they really like this stuff!)

3) Spray with spices.  They won't like the taste if you add a little chili pepper here and there.  I might even plant the veggies all over during the summer. 

4) Get a dog!  My trusty sidekick has scared off more than one of these pests.  Sorry, you won't find Bambi in my yard.

5) Move- If you just can't get rid of 'em, you need to move somewhere they aren't.  Call me!

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  1. Luckily, we're in a city neighborhood, so we don't have any major critter problems, except the rabbits that eat our green beans and the squirrels that have learned how to scale and infiltrate every bird feeder we've tried. LOL

    Following back from the LF hop! Have an outstanding week!


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