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Have you ever seen ladybugs in your house during the wintertime? Bizarre, isn’t it? At first I would show the occasional one to my kids because I knew they’d think it was neat. After finding more than 10 ladybugs in our bathroom during the first week of winter, they weren’t so “neat” anymore.

Where were these little insects coming from? My house is well insulated and I have great pest control.

I did my research and discovered that my house could be a breeding ground for these red and black critters. Turns out, ladybugs, like all bugs, hibernate in the winter. And…

• They are attracted to light
• They are attracted to light-colored houses
• They are attracted to home in direct sunlight
• They come in numbers
• They don’t cause damage to the house from eating holes into anything
• They are harmless except if you bother them!

As long as you give them their space, they won’t do anything other than crawl around. The stains that you might see are caused when you disturb them.

How do you get rid of them?
• Vacuum
• Traps recommends setting up a “Lady Bug” house before winter the next year to give them somewhere else to go.

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  2. I like lady bugs. They can stay, but I haven't seen any sadly. That's one bug I wouldn't mind having around.


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