Grout's Got Nothing on Me

9:54 PM

You all know how I have tackled grout in various ways. If you don’t remember, check out these posts from last year:

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I bring up this lovely chore once again to introduce my new best friend. I discovered Scotch Brite’s Grout Cleaner while at The Home Depot this weekend. This smart sponge-like cleaner is shaped perfectly to fit in between any tiles. It’s brilliant and durable. No more mildew in my showers! It is easy to hold, so it won’t slip out of your hand while scrubbing. The maker of this ingenious contraption obviously worked their tail off in the bathroom once or twice. It makes the job almost effortless. I can’t thank the inventor enough! Thank you thank you thank you!

Go grab one and let me know what you think. I was in no way paid to discuss this product, I just like it that much.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I hate cleaning grout and I will have to pick this up and give it a try : )


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