Trying to Sell? Tricks of the Trade Learned with Austin Homes for Sale

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Every real estate agent worth their salt knows they have to make sure the house is spic and span before showing it to a prospective buyer, but here are a few other things you can do to enhance the details. If you look at the successful market of Austin homes for sale, you’ll see there is money to be made or lost in the details. 
The first thing a prospect sees from the comfort of their car as they pull up is the front exterior of the house. Curb appeal can invite or repel quicker than just about anything else. Take a day to not just see that the grass is mowed and edged but that the trees and bushes are trimmed as well. Overgrown plants are external clutter and distracting. For less than $100 you can plant dozens of inexpensive and easy to care for flowers like pansies and marigold in the light and green plants like caladiums in the shady spots.

If the façade of the home is a little bland, discuss with the owner the option of complimentary colored shutters on the front windows. They can be a simple and neutral color, but even black on beige will break up the monochrome nature of the front.

The second most important impression to make is in the kitchen. After it has been surgically cleaned, think about sprucing up the hardware with new knobs on the cabinets and drawers. This is cost effective and can modernize the decor with minimal effort. Maybe even think of adding molding to the cabinets, painting them, or both. The kitchen will look fresh after this mini-remodel that will also be a mini-expense. The same idea could be applied to the master bathroom if it seems a little dated.

If you want people to buy a house that’s not being sold as a ‘fixer-upper,’ then roll up those sleeves and get to work with color and trim on both the inside and outside of the home. Austin homes for sale are known for their eclectic style and cozy radiance. That is why they make such a great example. Remember the idea is to present a canvas on which the prospects can envision their future life; however, as a real estate agent, sometimes you have to help them get started with painting that picture with a few suggestive details.

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