Toolman Thursday- Wayne Gatling, Painter

9:04 AM

After we moved into our home, we wanted to make a quick change to our Family room.  This change required some much needed paint.  We didn’t have to search very far to find this amazing contractor.   He came highly recommended by some family.  He was more than willing to come right away.  He showed up at 7:45AM and left at 5PM.  He painted the entire room in two days and didn’t leave any details untouched.  He removed hardware and didn’t paint the windows shut.  I would highly recommend Wayne Gatling to anyone looking for an excellent deal and terrific service.

Call him today! 
(804) 389-3007



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  1. Don't you love it when things are done right?

  2. Perfect, it went from a house to a home!Thank you for linking up at Thursday Favorite things at Katherines Corner xo

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