Time to Decorate

9:50 AM

When you are trying to decorate your home on a budget, it can be very frustrating.  More often than not, the budget is reached with just a few items.  I hope I can offer a few tips for affordable ways to beautify your home.

1) Find a room in a magazine and take the photo with you to the store
2) If you can’t find a cheaper version of an item, make it yourself.
3) Refinish furniture you already have
4) Paint furniture you already have
5) Add accessories- rugs, vases, photos
6) Remove the clutter
7) Clean
8) Make your own artwork
9) Visit thrift stores and transform items into masterpieces
10) Create an account on Pinterest.com or StumbleUpon.com and browse the millions of ideas out there that are easy and cheap

Here are some great websites to find fun rooms to duplicate:

Good luck!

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