Last Minute Gift Ideas

9:46 PM

Lots of you have requested that I come up with some helpful LAST MINUTE gift ideas for the holidays.  Here are some easy ones that most will enjoy:

Marpac SleepMate 980A White Noise Sleep Sound Machine, Dual-Speed (the Original Sound Conditioner)
1) Kindle or Nook
2) Good old-fashioned book
3) Board Game
4) BPA-free Water Bottle
5) Pocket Video Camera
6) Electric Wine Bottle Opener
7) Sound Conditioner
8) Grill Set
9) Tripod Flashlight
10) Donation in their name

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  1. Yay for board games!!! Those things are a HIT over here. Oh, BTW....I would love it if you wanted to buy my a kindle. Just sayin'

    Kissy kissy

  2. agree with Sharon...wouldn't mind to have you buying me a Kindle :p..

    Most likely for last minute gits I would give Books or Chocolates.


  3. I have that exact sound machine in the picture, I am addicted to it!! I think donation in the receiver's name is a great choice. No one can be disappointed with that.


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