Before You Start Looking...

8:13 PM

... get approved!

The common mistake many people make when starting their search for a new home is not getting approved by a lender first.

Why is it so important to see if you qualify to buy a new place before looking? 

1)      You won’t waste anyone’s time

2)       You know what you can afford

3)      A Realtor® will take you seriously

4)      You find out what you need to do to buy a home

It’s very normal to enter an Open House and fall in love with a home.  You sought out the place and are very interested to find out what is inside.  Don’t upset yourself by getting excited about something only to discover that someone got there before you!  Be prepared.  Have all of your ducks in a row so you can buy the next one you find.  You’ll save yourself the heartache and your real estate agent will be soooooo happy to know you are ready to make the move!
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  1. yes, very good advice. Over here, t's a bit different. We have to buy a house first then take the agreement to the Bank to seek for a loan. However, most people would check with the Banker first on the tentative amount they are allowed to borrow before the go house hunting


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