My Wish List at the Moment

2:47 PM

Can you believe that it’s November 7th and some people have finished their holiday shopping? What? Really? I haven’t put away the pumpkins yet.

While waiting in line to get my flu shot, I noticed that our grocery store was packed with Halloween candy on one shelf and “holiday” candy on another. The florist’s kiosk was loaded with miniature trees already filled with ornaments.

All of these reminders made me think that I was really behind. As the catalogs keep coming in the mail, I am constantly panicking that I’m going to miss out on all of these deals. As if I’m not already busy, why not add one more task to my to-do list?

The more I think about it, I haven’t even come up with my own wish list. Ok, maybe I have...

(Some are not very realistic, but it's a "wish" list!)

Bungalow 5 Jacqui Coffee Table Black B5JAC5001
1. Bungalow 5 Coffee Table

2. Yves Delorme Bath Towels

Reston Corner Media
Girls Rooms with Jack & Jill Bath traditional kids
6. Growth Charts
Gloria's Garden Rug, Rectangle
Courtesy www.anthropologie

7. Rug

8. Chandelier

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  1. I wish I had all that furniture AND more candy!!!!!


    P.S. you have great taste :)


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