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Featuring Dodson Brothers
One of the most important steps to maintaining your home is keeping it bug-free.  In order to do so, I recommend setting up a contract with Dodson Brothers Pest Control.  They will come to your home every other month and inspect and spray for bugs for as little as $60.  If you can’t meet them at your house, they will bill you.  If you need them to come inside, they will come back at your convenience.  I have never had a problem with their inspectors. 

If you discover some kind of bug or pest issue outside of your home, they will recommend a solution and fix the problem for a reasonable price. 
The customer service here is amazing.  I have contacts at both the West End and Southside offices.  These women are so courteous and patient.  You will be so pleased with their service.  Give them a call  to set up a contract.
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  1. we had a bug problem before at our previous apartment. it was awful when we first moved in and we did not know about it.

    im making a quick visit from Alexa hop.


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