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Let’s talk about Radon testing. In the Virginia Purchase Agreement, a radon gas inspection is included as part of the property inspection clause. The agreement states, “Seller hereby grants Purchaser the right to have the Property inspected by firms selected by the Purchaser at the Purchaser’s expense and to, all structural and building components and systems, radon gas, underground storage tanks, soil condition, environmental testing and engineering studies.” In other words, the buyer can perform pretty much any kind of inspection on the subject property to find out if the property is structurally sound and meets environmental standards.

Radon Gas tests are important in a home inspection to discover whether there are leaks in the home’s foundation. Radon Gas is the second cause for lung cancer behind smoking. Once a high concentration of radon enters a home, it is necessary to mitigate with proper equipment.

There are plenty of companies out there that offer radon gas inspections. With the right equipment, these inspectors are able to detect the levels of radon in a home within 48 hours. It is then when you must determine whether or not you can live with these levels or purchase a system to remove the gas from your home.

To learn more about radon gas and its effects, visit http://va-radon.info/VA_general.html

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