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Ahh the dreaded move… I thought I’d put together a list of helpful hints to make this process and painless and possible. With the right preparation you can save yourself time and money. You might want to print this list and keep it close by when you start. It’s a helpful checklist!
Whether you’re moving from an apartment to an apartment or from a home to home, you should follow these steps.

1) Transfer all utilities to the next property
2) Cancel any services that won’t transfer
3) Set up HOA account
4) Set up trash service
5) Register vehicles to new address
6) Change address on license- visit
7) Visit to change your address
8) Get moving quotes from local and nationwide movers. Hire most responsive and reasonable.
9) If not hiring a mover, reserve a truck from a rental company. Find friends to help you move.
10) Purchase or find boxes and pack items you don’t use regularly-label. (Home improvement stores sell moving packages)

11) Bubble wrap framed artwork and mirrors
12) Bubble/Paper wrap extra glasses and box up- label “Fragile”
13) Purchase large white trash bags. Twisty-tie hanging clothes together in sets of 8-10. Cover with trash bags and tie at end. Label with permanent marker.
14) Color code boxes and rooms
15) If hiring a mover, draw a small layout of room, number each piece of furniture and tape to door of room. Color code furniture with appropriate room and number.
16) Bring all boxes to lower level of home and close to door. If hiring a mover, this will speed up moving process.
17) If using a mover, store winter coats in any furniture with extra space. This will also cut down on time.
18) Use blankets and linens to help cushion glassware.
19) White duct tape is great to use on boxes for labeling.
20) Store screws and hardware in Ziploc bags and label.
21) Move china and cleaning supplies yourself to prevent breakage and spills. If either of these occurs, you can’t blame anyone else.
22) Donate those extra toys to Goodwill.
23) Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in 5 years to Goodwill.
I can assure you that if you follow all or most of these steps, you’ll be spending less time moving and more time enjoying your new home!
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  1. I so hate moving and it's been so nice that we have stayed put for the last 10 years but I will bookmark this for the day we move into our dream house with a fire place in the kitchen. I'm a firm believer in being positive

  2. This makes my concept of moving easy as practicable.


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