Ina Garten or Eco-Chic

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Kitchen Design Ideas

If someone asked you to design your dream kitchen, what would it look like?

I think I’ve told you before that kitchens are my favorite part of the home. Oh sure I have, remember this? Even though I wrote that post almost one year ago, I haven’t changed my mind. A kitchen tells us so much about the home and the owner’s personality.

When you walk into a foodie’s kitchen, you are most likely to find cool cooking gadgets and fresh produce. The appliances tell it all. Look at Ina Garten’s for instance:


If you’re an entertainer and want everyone in the kitchen while you’re cooking away, this might fit you better:
Now what if you’re all about style? You want a kitchen that meets today’s trends:
Ok, so you live in a loft. You want to fit as much as possible in your space, but it has to be functional and attractive:
Not ready for the flashy lifestyle and want to pay attention to the environment? Here’s a modest eco-chic look:
After: Eco-Chic Kitchen // After: Eco-Chic Kitchen (Michael Graydon)
There are so many options out there and so many ways to bring out your personality. It’s hard not to fall in love with everyone.

What’s your style?
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