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If you plan on renting a property, do your homework. I met a couple who are locked into their rental property for another year because they sent in their notice 60 days too late. Their roof is leaking and their property managers have done nothing about it. What a nightmare!

Here’s a list of things you should know before you commit:

1) What will be required of you up front? For example, how much rent is due upon signing a lease?
2) How many days do you have before you are charged a late fee?
3) Where do you send your payment?
4) Are pets allowed? Is a pet deposit required?
5) How long is your lease? Will it automatically renew?
6) If there are maintenance issues, how quickly will they be repaired?
7) Who do you call for maintenance issues?
8) What qualifies as a maintenance issue?
9) Do all tenants have to be on the lease?
10) Can a lease be broken under any circumstance?
11) Have there been any major repairs in the last 2 years?

Don’t get caught in a similar position. You can spot the right property for you when you have all of your ducks in a row.
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