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8:34 AM

Power is back on at Cherokee.  It’s so nice to see life filling up this space again.  Weathermen forecasted for rain all week, but the plants could use the showers.  Rain won’t defeat anyone in Stratford Hills after what we’ve experienced these past two weeks.  There so much to say for the people who live in this neighborhood.  We all survived Irene and her terror.  We’ve grown stronger and more patient.

We’ve witnessed some amazing things in the neighborhood.  We’ve come together and it makes the appeal of Stratford Hills and Oxford that much more attractive.  One friendly person walked up and down the streets with a carafe of hot coffee for those without access to a cup of joe.  We saw people help clean up debris in yards of the elderly.   Neighbors are checking on one another and offering their homes for shelter to those without power or generators.

It’s an awesome sight.

Thank you Dominion Virginia Power, Stratford Hills, Oxford and surrounding neighborhoods. 

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  1. It is amazing to see a neighborhood come together during hard times. I am grateful to live in a neighborhood that is very close like family and it is a comfort & joy to me every day. So glad everyone is okay!

  2. Love to hear stories of neighbors being neighborly! Seems like those stories are fewer all the time.

  3. I am so happy you all are ok from Irene! We had prayers from Missouri travel your way!

  4. So happy to hear you guys have power again!! It was such a tough storm for so many. So glad you are all safe and sound!! These crisis do make you so greatful for your friends and neighbors, I felt the same way about my area! Great to have you back in blogger land!! I missed you!!

  5. It is good to know that you are all safe after Irene. I have relatives in some of the affected states. I know what storms and hurricanes are like as I have experienced them in Jamaica. I am a new Follower of your Blog. Thanks for participating in the GET CONNECTED TUESDAY BLOG HOP.

  6. So glad you and yours made it through Irene safely. What a lovely and adorable looking house. I live in Western Pa and the homes out here are very similar looking. A much different look than my previous life in Southern CA where everything is stucco and vaulted ceilings. I like the charming look of houses on the east coast.

    Nice to connect with you through voiceboks.


  7. So glad everything is okay, and it's always great to see people taking care of each other. :)

    I'm stopping by from vB.

  8. Amazing stories of neighbors helping neighbors! It is always wonderful when a community can pull together after a tragedy =)

  9. It is good to know that communities can pull together in times of crisis.


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