Keeping Up with the RVirginians

8:14 AM

If you are searching for a local source for Richmond business information, check out both of these great sites:

Courtesy was started in 2006 to keep Richmond businesses connected.  It offers commentary as well as useful information about new and old businesses alike.

WorkIt, Richmond is a part of Richmond’s Times Dispatch.  It’s a new resource similar to but it covers small businesses in our River City.

Both are great ways to keep up with current events and networking  as well.  You can sign up for their newsletters and stay informed all week!  Check them out!

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  1. I just followed your recipe blog (which I cannot wait to put to use) and now I am showing you some love here! =0)

    New follower from the Wednesday blog hop!

  2. I'm on the recipe blog, too, and I'm going to come by when I can to show some support (even though geographic location serves as a deterrent. Take care!


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