Household Tip #36-Quick Cleaning

10:57 AM

Washing Away Soap Scum

I use dishwashing detergent on any stubborn stain, whether it’s a burnt pan or grease stain on the stove.  Dishwashing detergent is super-strong and is made to wash away grease on your dishes!  It can tackle anything. 

Here’s another example how dishwashing detergent will solve a problem quickly! 

What You Will Need:


Dishwashing Detergent


Old rag

1)      Clear away all shampoo bottles, bars of soap, etc. from tub. 

2)      Squirt about 2 T worth of detergent on most affected areas.  Let sit for about 10 minutes.

3)      Using a damp rag, scrub detergent away.  Rinse several times.

4)      Pour two capfuls of bleach over affected areas and let sit.

5)      Scrub with damp rag.

6)      Voila!

No excuses for a dingy tub during your next Open House!

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  1. Great tip Becky! The other day I was just complaining about a stain we have in the upstairs bathroom, now I can finally get rid of it :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the tip. That comes in handy today.

  3. Thank you so much for the tip! I've tried all the store bought fixes and it does not seem to work... I'm really excited to try this out and see if it can get my bathtub cleaned up lol. It's a very frustrating ordeal!

  4. Awesome tip! I've never tried this before, but boy my tubs need it lol!

  5. Great tip!!! I have used it for my kitchen sink but I never knew it worked for soap scum!! Thanks!!! I always love to visit, but I'm also visiting from VoiceBoks and Members to Remember!!! You have such a great site!!!

  6. Nice! I like how you have absolutely no mold, too, lol! I've been using vinegar to clean, as I want to avoid the harsh chemicals. I might try adding dishwasher det. - great idea! I'm visiting from voiceBoks and members to remember. ( :

  7. Very good tips. At times i rinse with hot water so that the stain can come out easier

  8. love it! i also have great luck with the mr clean magic erasers!!! the knock off brands dont work as well

  9. Great idea, I've been trying to figure out how to whiten my yellowed cultured marble counter tops, any ideas?
    I saw your website on the Alexa Blog Hop, would love for you to come over and visit!

  10. Thanks for stopping by- & they great tip! UGH- guess I have to go clean my tub-LOL.

  11. That's an impressive little tip! Is that detergent and bleach combo pretty strong? Meaning, I should probably keep the kids away while doing this, no? Nice tub, by the way!

    Gina from vB

  12. Thanks for the tip! I would have never thought to try this. With 3 boys in the house, my tubs can always use some cleaning.

  13. This is a great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I can't believe I never thought of this for the bathroom...of course! What a good one! Hey, I just wanted to thank you for linking up as your Mompreneur Blog Hop Co-Host, and check back in through the month to meet more Mompreneurs. It's nice we can find out who we are:)

  15. I wish I had found your site a few months ago when selling my home! What a great resource for home sellers. I'm a co-host of the Mompreneur Blog Hop stopping by to say thanks for linking up with us.


  16. Thanks for the tip!
    The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom

  17. I love your household tips! Thanks for another great one!

    Dropping off some love from the Wild Weekend Hop. <3

    Smile and Mama With Me

  18. I have never thought of using Dishwasher soap but now you have said it , it makes total sense! Thanks for sharing all your fab tips!


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