Broccoli Salad

8:01 AM

There’s this pasta salad in the prepared food section of our local grocery store.  One late afternoon, I had the kids in tow and the hub was out of town, we were running errands and dinner time was near.  I knew I wouldn’t make it home in time to prepare a made-from-scratch dish.  I’ve had this particular salad millions of times before the kids were around.  It’s healthy and pretty tasty.  When we got home, I scooped a few spoonfuls onto each of their plates with a side of apple sauce and green beans.  They were all smiles!
I’ve decided that I need to come up with a similar dish for fear that this salad will no longer be available.  This grocery store doesn’t seem to be bringing in the number that they predicted.  I have a bad feeling that we might not be seeing them in the near future.
I picked up similar ingredients and started experimenting.  I think I came up with a pretty tasty salad.
What You Will Need:

½ lb rotini pasta, uncooked
10 oz broccoli
½ C kalamata olives, pitted and halved
1 cucumber, seeded and diced
2 T capers
What You Already Have:
3 T Vinaigrette (pick your favorite)
Large pot
Large bowl
Cutting board
1)      Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain and transfer to large bowl.

2)      Steam broccoli in microwave for 4 ½ minutes or on stove.  Chop. Transfer to bowl.
3)      Add remaining cucumber and capers to bowl and toss.
4)      Add your desired amount of dressing.  This is best the next day.

5)      Serve.

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  1. What a great and healthy way to dress up pasta!

  2. broccoli salad is wonderful in the summer!

  3. Oh no! Never a good thing when a favourite item disappears from the supermarket shelves! the salad looks wonderful - so colourful and summery. I love the little edge that capers give to a dish:)
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. New blog hop follower. Broccoli salad! Yummy! I'll have to try the recipe out.

    Have a great week!
    Ruthie J.

  5. Mmmm! I heart broccoli salad - bookmarking this! :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment on my Apple Pie Cupcakes! Love your blog - such a great concept! I'm your newest follower...looking forward to reading more of your posts! Take care!
    Jade @ Sweet Baby {Mason} James


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