1st Floor Master Suite

8:29 AM

I bet you can count on one hand the number of older homes with 1st Floor Master Suites.  They’re hard to come by.   Add this feature to the list of pros for 7220 Cherokee.  That’s right! It has a 1st Floor Master Suite with a large walk-in closet and full bath.  The bedroom is private but features a large double window.  The full bath is set in immaculate ceramic tile on the walls and floors.  The hardwood floors in the bedroom and closet are in excellent condition.
You can add this home to your list of One Floor Living Homes with rooms for family and guests.  You can walk out of your bedroom into the large Family Room and make your way into your fully updated kitchen for a cup of coffee.  Enjoy the view from your large picture window.
What to love about Cherokee’s 1st Floor Master Suite:
·         One floor living
·         Easy to get around
·         Cooler in the Summer
·         Privacy
·         Quiet
·         No lifting
·         Even more character to the home
·         Full Bath
·         Large Walk-in closet
·         Beautiful floors
Contact me for more details.

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  1. I really like this, however I always envisioned my perfect home with a Master Bedroom in the second floor, with the walking closet, and master bathroom right inside. :D Visiting from Voiceboks


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