What is a "Fair" Price?

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You have to be very careful about how you price your property in a market like this one.  Buyers are out there, but they have tons of choices available to them.  When they see a house that is marked competitively, 9 times out of 10 they will make an offer.  If you are eager to sell your home and want it priced fairly, you have to consider what “fair” means to buyers and not to you.
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If your home is fully updated, freshly painted, and meets most of the items on this list, you should price your home based on those updates and what you paid for it.
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If your home is not updated and needs some work, don’t expect much.  You have to be realistic in these times.  A “fair” price on a home like this one is going to be what the buyer thinks it’s worth.  And a buyer is not insulting you; they don’t know what you put into it.  They only know what they see.

It’s very important to show off any work you’ve done.  Make sure your listing agent notes all improvements in the remarks of the listing.  The agent should point out these features during an open house.  If you want a “fair” price for your home, you have to inform the buyer.

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  1. Will keep these tips in mind when we get to this point.

    Janie via vB

  2. Do you enjoy selling real estate? I know that is probably a silly question...but I've been thinking about a career change and I'm very interested in what some of my new friends do =) (Feel free to email me IF you have time and don't want to answer here).

    I was looking at some houses over the last few days and I think some are definitely not taking the advice here. I saw some so overpriced, especially in these challenging economic times. But, believe it or not, I saw some that I felt were underpriced.

    I love watching the TLC/HGTV shows where they go in and stage houses or make $2000 worth of changes to help them sell.


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