The Corner Cabinet

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I studied Art History in college and my focus was on architecture.  It gave me a great appreciation for all of the architectural elements you find in homes.  I’m also the daughter of a homebuilder, which has also helped me notice details in woodwork.  One of the best details that really stands out to me in 7220 Cherokee is the woodwork.  The built-ins are unique and well-crafted.

Take a look at this corner cabinet.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have this in your home?  It’s perfect for showcasing your favorite treasures or extra stemware.  We use ours to house board games and photo albums underneath.

Who doesn’t agree that corner cabinets are one of the most sought after pieces of furniture?  This home comes with one already built into it!  The best part about this element is that it is well-constructed and attractive.  You won’t be covering it up.  You’ll want to show it off. 
The carpenter who crafted this gorgeous piece must have considered the space and functionality.  Look where it sits in the room?  It’s not in the way.  It creates a nice transition from the kitchen to the Family Room to the 1st Floor Master.  It stores things you might need for the kitchen and things you could use to entertain in the Family Room. 
I love the woodwork in this home.
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