What Do You Look for in a Home?

7:52 AM

A while back I posted about what you should look for in ahome.  I included a long list of questions that I feel can help when determining if a house is right for you.  These questions are helpful, but did I miss anything?  Please look at my list and tell me what I left out.

When you go to a showing, is there one thing that stands out for you?  What is the most important factor when you find the perfect fit? 

Is new for you?  Or do you prefer old?  Do you care about paint color?  Do you look at light fixtures?  Is a garage necessary or does it matter?  What does your Perfect Home look like?
I love comments!  Thank you for your help!

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  1. We're in a transition stage right now. We've got 11 kids so our home has been large and with a lot of land. Now, most of the kids are gone and we want a new, small 1 story home with a quaint yard, but enough room for the kids and grandkids.

  2. Basically I look for good bones, a potential for improvement, great yard, good neighborhood, great location, and above all AWESOME price! And it'd be good too if the house wasn't haunted...=)

  3. I think #17 on your list should be moved up a little higher. ;o) That's the first thing you need to think about. I can't stand it when agents show me homes that are outside my purchasing comfort zone.

    A home has to be CLEAN when I go to a showing. I know it shouldn't sway my opinion but it does. It doesn't necessarily make it or break it, but at the end of the day if I'm torn between a clean house and a dirty house, I'm going to pick the clean one. If someone's home is messy and dirty, I'm going to worry that they don't keep up the bones of the house too, like having annual AC/Furnace checks, termite inspections, etc.

  4. I was raised by a Real Estate Broker so I have had location, location, location, drumed into my head. For me now, the perfect location would included a School District that has a great reputation for Special Needs, since I have a special needs child. I love the area we are in now, and I love my house but my dream house would definelty be bigger!! Good bones are important, but I would not buy a house without an engineer inspection. That is defiently something you do not want to skimp on. My mother always says she looks for engineers that have made her loose deals, becasue she knows they will find the problems a buyer will need to know! Thanks for a great post!!! I love your blog, so clever!!!

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